Trade Up for Solid Gold

Gold plating is an excellent way to have the beautiful lustre of gold without the investment that a solid gold piece requires. It’s a great way to wear your favourite piece of jewellery. For a lifetime we would always recommend a solid gold piece.

Solid gold

All of our solid gold pieces are made in 9ct,14ct and 18ct solid gold. Solid gold is highly valued because it doesn’t fade (lose it's colour) and will continue to hold its value over time. Prefect for a lifetime purchase such as an engagement ring, a wedding band or heirloom to hand down through the years.

Trade up for solid gold

If you wish to trade up and invest more into a solid gold piece, we offer a trade in  of your old piece of 'Loinnir Jewellery'. With a Silver or Gold Plated piece trade in your old piece for 40% of its value rate and you pay the difference of your piece in the solid gold.

If you wish to trade up please e-mail us at with the title: 'Trade Up For Solid Gold'.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Offer only applies to Loinnir Jewellery Silver and Gold Plated components.