Discover the Magic of Love: Loinnir Jewellery's Unique Valentines Day Collaboration with Pickled Pom Pom

Loinnir Jewellery's Unique Valentine's Day Collaboration with Pickled Pom Pom


Love is in the air, and at Loinnir Jewellery, I’m thrilled to announce a 'match made in heaven' collaboration that will add a touch of magic to your Valentine's Day celebrations. Teaming up with the talented Irish designer and illustrator, Laura of Pickled Pom Pom, we've curated an exclusive experience that goes beyond the ordinary. I believe in the beauty of meaningful gestures, every purchase from now until Valentine's Day comes with a special treat – a Valentine's card from Pickled Pom Pom.



Discover the Magic of Love: Loinnir Jewellery's Unique Valentine's Day Collaboration with Pickled Pom Pom

Loinnir Jewellery – Contemporary Irish Jewellery:

When it comes to expressing love, few things hold the sentiment as beautifully as jewellery. Loinnir Jewellery, a distinguished Irish jewellery designer, brings you exquisite pieces that embody the essence of Irish craftsmanship. Each piece is carefully made in Ireland, capturing the spirit and charm of this beautiful country. Our collection features exquisite pieces, including timeless Claddagh rings and heart-themed jewellery, designed to celebrate love in all its forms.


Loinnir Jewellery's Valentine's Day Journey with Pickled Pom Pom:


Proudly made in Ireland, I believe in the power of collaboration . When Irish brands come together to support each other, I'm enamored by the perfect blend of tradition and innovation that Ireland offers in every industry. Delighted to celebrate this Valentine's Day collaboration with Pickled Pom Pom, where creativity, love, and Irish craftsmanship unite.  


Valentine's Day Wrapped Up:

This Valentine's season, we've got your celebrations all wrapped up. With each purchase from Loinnir Jewellery, you not only receive a piece of finely crafted Irish jewellery but also an exclusive Valentine's card from the imaginative mind of Irish illustrator and designer, Laura Dempsey of Pickled Pom Pom. Laura's cards are more than just paper; they embody imagination, heart, and a hint of whimsy.

Expressing Feelings with Pickled Pom Pom:

In a world where expressing emotions can be challenging, Pickled Pom Pom's designs provide the perfect medium. Infused with Irish wit – these cards embody true Irish design and cheekiness. Making it easier to convey your feelings with creativity and charm. From adorable illustrations to heartfelt messages, these cards are a delightful addition to any gift.

Sustainability Matters:

At Loinnir Jewellery and Pickled Pom Pom, we recognize the importance of sustainable practices. Laura's commitment to a low-waste approach is evident in her cards and prints, all of which are proudly printed and packed in Ireland. Feel guilt-free knowing that you're contributing to sustainability with recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging.

When placing your order simply email with your preference . Your three card options are:

1) 'You are my most Favourite'

2) 'Perfect Match'

3) 'Love Tokens'


This Valentine's Day, go beyond the ordinary with Loinnir Jewellery and Pickled Pom Pom. Celebrate love, craftsmanship, and creativity with our exclusive collaboration. With every purchase, you're not just getting a beautiful piece of Irish jewellery; you're receiving a heartfelt message in the form of a Pickled Pom Pom Valentine's card.