Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care

At PIERCED, we take pride in helping you create your new look & we want you to be confident that your purchase with us will be a long lasting symbol of your self-expression. To ensure a long & happy life-time for your jewellery, we recommend that you follow our care guide:

What To Avoid

  • With new piercings, we recommend that you avoid turning or rotating your piercing as this can loosen the jewellery and cause it to fall out. To clean your piercing, please check out our PIERCED Aftercare guide.
  • Wherever possible, your jewellery should always be removed before bathing, exercising or swimming. Sweat & excess moisture can cause metals to oxidise (tarnish).
  • We recommend that you avoid keeping your jewellery in the bathroom or near fans/heaters & that you only apply your jewellery as the last step of getting ready to avoid contact with creams, hairspray or perfumes etc. 
  • Exposure to any harsh abrasives or chemicals should be avoided & jewellery should only be cleaned using our guide.

Jewellery Cleaning Guide

  • Your PIERCED jewellery is special! We recommend storing it in an air-tight bag in the original box when not in use to minimise tarnish.
  • When you remove your jewellery, gently wipe with a clean cloth (to prevent anodized layers from fading) & store in the original packaging or (for longer periods) a plastic bag to minimise exposure to moisture. 
  • When cleaning your jewellery, we recommend mixing a few drops of mild washing-up liquid with lukewarm water & soaking for a few minutes. When complete, rinse the jewellery under a tap with a soft bristle toothbrush to brush away any dirt between stones or grooves in the piece (don’t forget to plug the drain just in case!). 
  • After cleaning, gently pat your jewellery completely dry with a soft, 100% cotton cloth. As an extra measure, you can also blow-dry your jewellery with a low or no heat setting. Avoid using paper as this can scratch the metal. It usually isn’t necessary to do this more than twice per year.
  • This guide can be used to clean surgical steel, titanium, 925 sterling silver, gold-plate & gold (14k & 18k) jewellery.

In addition to our cleaning guide, we also recommend the following:

Silver Jewellery

  • All PIERCED silver jewellery is made from sterling silver, this will oxidise (tarnish) from time-to-time & is a natural reaction between metal & moisture in the environment. This can be easily cleaned with a silver-polishing cloth.
  • For heavier tarnishing, a small amount of silver-cleaner can be used. Apply to a soft bristle toothbrush and gently brush away the tarnishing. This should be avoided for pieces containing stones/other materials as the cleaner can damage these.
  • Always take care when cleaning your silver jewellery and if you are having trouble removing dirt or tarnishing, speak to your local jeweller about a professional clean.

Gold Jewellery

  • At PIERCED, we stock gold-plate, 14k & 18k gold jewellery. Special care should be taken to avoid contact between gold-plate jewellery & cosmetics as they can remove the gold-plate. Tarnishing can also occur with gold jewellery & can be easily removed with a gold-polishing cloth. 
  • For heavier tarnishing, a small amount of gold-cleaner can be used but you should never dip your jewellery into the cleaner as this can damage stones/other materials in the jewellery.